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Door adjustments and alignments

Door Alignment and Adjustment

Once you have sliding doors installed in your home, door adjustment on a frequent basis is a highly significant. It is very hard to close or open, or the latch does not work well, you could frequently easily and quickly fix it without calling a professional sliding door repair company. Most likely, you have sliding doors with wheels on the bottom and top, and a lever type lock raised in the handle.

When the door is hard to close or open, there are a couple of things to try and repair it. First and foremost, when your door has wheels, there must be two small round buttons that covers the holes on the base part of the sliding door. When you carefully eliminate these covers using a flathead screwdriver, you will find two screws in the holes they are covering. Utilizing a screw, turn the screws and the wheel will move upward and downward. You can do this in slight (one turn) increments until your sliding door works smoothly.

When adjusting the wheels doesn’t work, you may need to lubricate the track. Once you have wooden sliding door with metal tracks, you can WD40 to light lubricate the track and wheels. Close and open your sliding door a couple of time and it must move more freely. Once you have a vinyl sliding door never use WD40, or any kind of petroleum based products, as it will just destroy the vinyl. In this situation, you will need to utilize a silicon based lubricant that could be bought at most home depot in gel or spray.

In case these methods don’t works, you might need to call an expert sliding door repair company for door adjustment or replacement. The sliding door might be old and it has distorted or deformed, or it might have been set up incorrectly in the beginning. Once your door doesn’t latch securely or correctly, you have to try this method. On the inside part of your sliding door, you will find the hook part of the latch, below or above that will be a tiny screw. Through turning the screw, you could alter how far out or in the hook goes. Try altering this, and see the latch and hook to know if it is hitting the rear side of the jamb or isn’t extending out far enough to latch and hook.

If that door adjustment doesn’t work, you might need to adjust the location of the catch latch which is located on the inside part of the jamb that looks like a tiny square eye latch. You find screws that holding this in place and through slightly loosening these screws and altering the place up and down, you could put the latch to where the fastener will link with it. In case this door adjustment doesn’t fix the problem, call an expert door installer or repair company to give the best solution. You can also contact the manufacturer for free door adjustment or replacement service.

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